Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Favorite websites and links

So today I transferred some of my favorite hyperlinks from my browser to my website. Some I really like e.g. the ballet excarvators, looks like these monster machines have a soul and mind and are very gentle... Maybe that's why I like the Internet of Things; if the things start to interact with us they just become more "friendly" and human (I mean, how can you hit your TV if it says AU ;-)... As an example. people can get really attached to robot dogs,, really interesting. I would love to have a robot dog like an AIBO (he goes back to his charger and sits on it when his batteries run low, isn't that cute?!), but they are a bit too expensive to my taste (...I rather buy a synthesizer for the same money). But one day (soon I guess) I will buy a robotic vacuum cleaner, and definitely a ironing robot as soon as it's available ;-). Sodaplay is a game I spend hours playing, trying to make nice walking creatures by tweaking the muscles and bones, you should definitely try this game! A-Net station is nice to listen to because it's broadcasted without any advertising. Really relaxing music from the south pole (!). The USB typewriter doesn't need any extra explanation, just enjoy ;-).

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