Saturday, May 7, 2011


After the summer holiday in 2010 I decided I to revive an old hobby of mine, which is making digital music. It's great that professional equipment is really affordable these days. That was different in the 90's, when I was also experimenting with synthesizers, MIDI and computers (an Amiga 2000, which can be admired here I was on a bit of a tight budget then, being a student those days... But this has changed fortunately ;-)!

So in september 2010 I bought some nice digital sound equipment (effect processors, groovebox, sampler) and some other new hardware (a new and very fast 64-bits Windows machine with solid state disks, a Patchbay and LOTS of cables). I already had my old synthesizers so fortunately I didn't have to buy those ;-). I also bought ProTools, which is great intuitive sequencer software to create music with ( In the past I used CubaseVST and before that some obscure software on the Amiga, but these programs are not so user friendly...

So I arranged everything (that took also some time) and then started to work on the new stuff, and I must say it's a great pleasure again to create digital music! Publishing music also has changed significantly, everybody can easily publish music via Internet! So today I published one of my musical experiments, it's a kind of meditative song. I'm using Soundcloud ( to publish the song, this is a very convenient cloud based service for musicians to publish your own music. Enjoy your Zen moment!

ZenO2 by erikvanderzee

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